My Friend the Bully

An Invaluable Book For Parents, Educators, And Children

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Bullying, teasing, and other forms of harassment is a painful reality children deal with both in and out of school, and those on the receiving end often suffer in silence. If left unaddressed, this can damage a child’s self-esteem, hamper his ability to learn and grow, and generate feelings of fear, shame, depression, and anxiety.

My Friend the Bully tackles this difficult topic in an effective, informative, positive way. Written as a children’s book that can be read both in the classroom and at home, it combines an engaging storyline, appealing illustrations, with an instructive section that details Facts about Bullying, Tips for Parents, Warning Signs that Your Child is Being Bullied, How to Stop the Bullying Cycle, and Tips for Schools and Teachers.

The insights, strategies, and exercises offered in My Friend the Bully will not only help children minimize and prevent bullying in and out of class, but will also bolster their self confidence, self-esteem, and ability to function well at school. This is a vital and reassuring guide for children, parents, and educators alike.

Rifka Schonfeld is an acclaimed educator and social skills specialist with over 30 years experience. She founded and directs S.O.S.: Strategies for Optimum Success, and conducts social skills workshops for children, teens, and adults. She is also the author of My Friend the Troublemaker, and My Friend the Volcano.

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