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Shevy wishes she was able to put her discomfort aside and do a “real chessed”…but what is the definition of a “real chessed” anyway?

Yudi is so sure of himself regarding what happened at the Boston Tea Party. The problem is, his history teacher—and all the information he has so painstakingly researched—do not seem to agree with him…

Dini, Rivky, Gitty, and some of their bunkmates amuse themselves one night by playing a prank on their counselor. Only…how hilarious is it when the tables are turned on them?

Avigdor has been through a traumatic fire that left a terrible scar on his face. Will he ever come to terms with the scar…and with himself?

Life is certainly no tea party for tweens and teens, as any of you can attest—but who’s to say it can’t be full of surprises and fun, along with all the lessons learned during these crucial years?

That’s what Lost at Tea is all about: a collection of great fiction stories that will amuse and entertain you as they get you thinking, too. Join popular author Naomi Raksin’s fantastic group of tween- and teenaged characters, all true-to-life and relatable, as they earn their stripes through a combination of hard work, DMCs, and a good dose of laughter!

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-60091-855-1
Length: 264

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