Discover why a day whose origins are shrouded in mystery has become one of the most joyous days on the Jewish calendar. In Lag Baomer: The Fire and the Soul, Rav Daniel Glatstein reveals the inner meaning of this hallowed day and why it has gained almost supernatural momentum in our times.

Rav and Mara D’asra of Kehilas Tiferes Mordechai and founder of Machon Maggid Harakiah in Cedarhurst, New York, Rav Daniel Glatstein is one of the contemporary Jewish world’s most popular speakers and respected Marbitzei Torah. His more than 10,000 recorded shiurim have garnered literally millions of views on TorahAnytime, his own site, Rabbidg.com, and numerous other platforms.

Enter the world of Rebbi Shimon bar Yochai and the Zohar HaKadosh, and experience an exalted realm of Torah that will bring Klal Yisrael closer to the final redemption.

ISBN # : 9781422640685
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 300

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