An only child, struggling with an addiction, with no school to attend.

A woman on the verge of intermarriage waiting at a red light.

A girl who says she was once like a butterfly, but gave up her colors and is now a moth.

What do you say? How do you help?

The answers are all here, captured in the voice of Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein zt”l, which speaks to you on every page.

These stories and insights, shared with captivated audiences over years, are now at your fingertips and waiting to enter your heart. When they do, you will not only feel inspired for a moment or a month, but for a lifetime. Because that was Rabbi Wallerstein: he imbued his life into his words, and they carried on forever.

But there is something more. Not only will the words in this book travel off the page and enter your heart, but so will Rabbi Wallerstein’s very own lively and loving expressions. With specially featured QR codes, each of which direct you to access the TorahAnytime video and audio recording of the written chapter, you will be able to experience these moving messages with all your senses.

This is a book of a lifetime and a book for a lifetime. Open it and you will be opening your life to be changed forever.

ISBN 9781680255942
Author Rabbi Elan Perchik
Publisher Distributed by Feldheim
Number of pages 388

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