The journey of Jewish neshamos from the Mabul to Yaakov’s sheep to Pharaoh’s slaves.

What does singing zemiros testify about the nature of Shabbos?

Becoming a Gadol when you’re not in the limelight – Korach’s mistake.

What does the story of Bnos Tzlafchad tell us about Moshiach?


Before Moshiach’s coming, Amos HaNavi (8:11) predicted there would be a famine — not for bread and water, but for the word of Hashem. This explains why more and more people find themselves needing the nourishment of the deeper layers of Torah.

In presenting the Torah of Rav Moshe Wolfson, shlitaRav of Beis Midrash Emunas Yisrael and Mashgiach Ruchani of Mesivta Torah VodaathFeast of Faith attempts to quench this hunger and satisfy this thirst.

Written in a light and engaging style, Feast of Faith draws from the mystical layers of Torah as transmitted through the channels of Chassidus.


Each week features unexpected and novel ideas:

  • A short highlight about the holiness of Shabbos
  • A brief explanation of the general theme of the parashah
  • An exploration of a topic in the parashah
  • A satisfying analysis of the heart of the parashah
  • A succinct scoop of Torah that leaves a sweet taste

Sprinkled throughout are sidebars adding surprising dashes of flavor and astounding gematrios, and each section ends with a practical takeaway. Altogether, this sefer provides a bountiful Feast of Faith.

ISBN 9781680259186
Author Rabbi Moshe Wolfson
Number of pages 628
Binding type Hard Cover

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