Can you find all the differences — and the hidden Afikomen?

Look at one picture, then the other. They are almost the same — but not quite.

This bright and colorful photo book will keep kids of all ages busy for hours trying to spot the subtle differences. Eye-catching photos include items from the Pesach story — vivid images of the ten plagues, including cute frogs and fearsome wild animals, and the pyramids of ancient Egypt — and traditional Pesach observances such as crisp matzah, shiny wine goblets, beautiful seder plates, and more.

A special “Find the Afikomen” feature challenges readers to spot the hidden image of the Afikomen in each photo.

Includes an answer key and a fun and informative “Did you know?” section about Pesach.

The second in a new series from Judaica Press!

Hardcover | 10″ x 10″ | 36 pages | 978-1-932443-84-4

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