Treifos, shechita, and nikur are subjects often regarded as difficult and daunting, and a clear understanding of them has remained beyond the reach of many. Yet they need not be. This breakthrough sefer will truly transform your learning and understanding of Maseches Chullin. Clearly labeled photographs elucidate the words of the gemara, along with explanation and commentary in English, providing a detailed, true-to-life understanding of each organ, membrane, bone, and tendon discussed in the gemara and Shulchan Oruch. Contains:

  • More than 200 crisp, color photographs of detailed dissection of the animal and bird, each feature clearly identified.
  • Professionally drawn anatomical illustrations
  • PertinentĀ halachicĀ discussions, such as an exposition on the accurate meaning ofĀ glattĀ kosher
  • The science of treifos. Revised in time for this Daf Yomi cycle, this expanded edition contains two new sections.
  • Contemporary issues in theĀ kashrusĀ of fowl
  • A comprehensive summary of the recent issue of rumen puncture in Uruguay


ISBN 9781583303382
Author Rabbi Yaakov Dovid Lach
Number of pages 272
Binding type Hard Cover

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