Adventures in the Land of Miroop

Four-Books-In-One: The Hamentash That Ran Away, The Dangerous Dreidle Ride, The Dink That Stopped The Clock, And The Little Prince Who Had Nothing To Do

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Hey, parents! Remember The Dangerous Dreidle RideThe Hamentash that Ran Away, and The Dink That Stopped the Clock?

Many of us fondly remember these Sifrei Rimon Classics, told in endearing rhyme with whimsical illustrations, but they’ve been long out of print – until now!

In this freshly redone volume, you can give your children a taste of nostalgia with those authentic stories told over with a modern twist – full color illustrations (we had monochromatic!), plus a brand new, exciting story with a valuable lesson. Wide-eyed kids watch in astonishment as King Rimpoo’s gigantic hamentashen runs through the streets.

What will happen when the special dreidel spins out of control with only a small Dink to lead it to safety? And what will become of Prince-in-a-Pot and his endless boredom? There are golden lessons here, rhythmic rhyme, and the good, old-fashioned taste of genuine Torah literature for kids. This book makes for a timeless read.

ISBN 978-1-59826-355-8

ISBN 9781598263558
Author Chaiky Halpern
Illustrator Chaiky Halpern and Rivky Krausz
Publisher Feldheim
Number of pages 112
Item # 5153
Binding type Hard Cover

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