Instilling Jewish Values from the roots

Judaica for kids

According to biblical law, a child is not obligated to observe mitzvot until reaching adulthood. Nevertheless, there’s a mitzvah of rabbinic origin, known as chinuch, for parents to educate their children to do mitzvot and to avoid doing things that the Torah forbids. Ultimately our goal as parents is to teach our children to value each mitzvah for itself and the connection to G‑d that it engenders. Children, especially in the early years, are like little sponges, absorbing all the information around them and then actively making sense of it. Our Children are our future and our job is to instill Jewish values from an early age because Torah study is their best chance to reach their full potential as a jew in this world. We all pray for children and promise our creator that if we will be granted children we will raise them in the right way. However, this world has a lot of tests and sometimes we get sucked into the gashmiut. We forget that we are the chosen nation and that our creator wants something different from us than he wants from the other nations. This is why we mustn’t buy our children books that fill their sponge-like brains with the nonsense that will not help them earn mitzvot and reach their goal in this life. We must teach them Jewish education in books and whatever other ways we can. This will be your nachat in the future and theirs when they continue the next generation because they learnt from their parents how important Jewish education was to them. We should all have nachat from our children and continue to teach them Jewish values. Amen.

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