Assassin Part 1

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Assassin, the latest thriller in the Agent for Hire series.


Assassin Part 2

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If you’ve been waiting breathlessly since reading Part 1 of Assassin, you now hold in your hands the exciting conclusion,
with more twists and turns than you would ever have imagined. Don’t miss this thrilling two-part set!

Double Agent – Part 1

0 out of 5
Follow Eyal Gilboa from Israel to New York to Cuba in his next thrilling adventure!
WARNING! Serious suspense ahead!

Double Agent – Part 2

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A soldier gave a long whistle, and as Eyal had expected, another ten armed and uniformed soldiers appeared out of nowhere, all wearing matching smiles of victory. Eyal easily identified their commander by his age and the reverence that the young soldiers accorded him. As soon as he saw Eyal, he aimed his rifle and fired.

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