Kolotongo Lost at Sea!
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Kolotongo Lost at Sea!

0 out of 5

Lost at Sea!, the first book in the Kolotongo series, will take you to the ends of the earth. So come along, the yacht is about to set sail…

Mind Games

0 out of 5

A Suspense Novel

Benjy Romano, a scientist and a baal teshuvah living in Bnei Brak, makes an amazing scientific breakthrough one night…and immediately becomes a fugitive pursued by unidentified dangerous criminals.

Pillars of Smoke

0 out of 5

Hamas has kidnapped First Lieutenant Yonatan Rotem!

But things aren’t as they seem. Identities are hidden and revealed, alliances formed and broken. The Pillars of Smoke that rise upwards start to thicken until the astounding ending. All the smoke clears and the truth is finally revealed.

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